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El Perro Del Mar – Big Anonymous | Album Reviews

staticwire | April 3, 2024
El Perro Del Mar Big Anonymous

El Perro Del Mar’s latest offering, Big Anonymous, invites listeners into a haunting and introspective journey through grief and yearning. Sarah Assbring’s first album in eight years resonates with a dreamlike quality, suffocating yet undeniably compelling.

From the opening notes of the orchestral instrumental “Underworld,” the tone is set for an album that delves deep into the darker corners of the human experience. Assbring’s haunting vocals guide the listener through tracks like “In Silence” and “Wipe Me Off This Earth,” where the intensity and intensity of emotion can border on overwhelming.

The album’s standout moments come when Assbring fully embraces the yearning that accompanies loss. Tracks like “One More Time” and the instrumental piece “The Truth The Dead Know” capture the raw emotion of grief in a way that feels palpable and poignant.

While Big Anonymous is undeniably a masterfully crafted album, it may not be for everyone. The deliberate pacing and unrelenting darkness can make it a challenging listen at times. Tracks like “Please Stay” push the boundaries of discomfort with distorted vocals and nightmarish instrumentals, staying just a bit too long to maintain engagement.

However, the album finds a moment of light in its closing track, “Kiss Of Death,” with its cinematic sweep and emotional crescendo. It’s a fitting end to a record that feels like a theatrical experience, with each track building on the next to create a cohesive narrative of sorrow and longing.

In the end, Big Anonymous is a rich and immersive album that demands attention and careful listening. With its intricate instrumentation and emotive storytelling, El Perro Del Mar has crafted a deeply affecting work that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those willing to dive into its depths.

Rating: 8/10

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