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Off The Beat Is I.M’ of Monsta X’s Most ‘Natural’ EP Yet

staticwire | April 3, 2024
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I.M of Monsta X, the talented songwriter, rapper, and vocalist, has recently released his latest EP, “Off The Beat,” showcasing his affinity for R&B sounds in his solo music. In a recent interview with Consequence, I.M opened up about his creative process and the inspiration behind his new project.

The focus track of the EP, “LURE,” is a smooth and alluring number featuring bossa nova-style guitar and playful horns. The accompanying music video portrays I.M trapped in a time loop as he seeks to win over his love interest. This project comes on the heels of his 2023 EP, “Overdrive,” which showcased a more angsty side of I.M’s artistry.

During the interview, I.M shared insights into his recording process, highlighting the challenging yet rewarding experience of creating the track “MMI.” He emphasized the importance of channeling his emotions and energy into his music, resulting in a natural and authentic sound.

As a member of Monsta X since 2015, I.M is currently navigating the group’s military enlistment, with four of his bandmates currently serving. However, the group’s eldest member, Shownu, has completed his service and had the opportunity to listen to I.M’s new EP. I.M shared that Shownu expressed his admiration for the project, giving I.M a sense of validation and support.

Reflecting on his solo work, I.M discussed the unique experience of creating music without the collaborative dynamics of a group. While each member of Monsta X brings different skills to the table, I.M finds solace in the independence of his solo projects, allowing him to fully express himself as an artist.

Looking ahead to the future, I.M hinted at exciting plans for the remainder of 2024, teasing upcoming projects and a potential opportunity to connect with international fans. Expressing his eagerness for fans’ reactions to “Off The Beat,” he acknowledged the difficulty of choosing a favorite track from the EP, likening each song to his “babies” that he cherishes equally.

Overall, I.M’s latest solo endeavor showcases his evolution as an artist and his commitment to creating music that resonates with his audience. Fans can look forward to more captivating music and projects from I.M in the near future, as he continues to explore new sounds and styles in his solo career.

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